Introducing Knacktivities for children and youth

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We are looking to start a weekend program just for kids. Every Sunday we will have a different activity designed to teach your children a new skill.

Before we can get the ball rolling on this we need two very important things.

  1. If you have a skill that you are passionate about that you wouldn’t mind preparing a class for, we would love for you to volunteer with us!
  2. For those of you with children who may be interested in attending, we also need to hear from you to get an idea of what your kids would like to learn. We have also come up with a list of some fun ideas in the table below.

If you’re interested in attending OR volunteering for any of these, please contact Brooke Bacher at the Town Office, our new event planner. The phone number is 755-4320 or click here to send Brooke an email.

If you see a topic you want to get involved with let us know right away. In order to fit in some holiday-related ideas we would like to start in the second half of November.

We are still working out the finer details of this project, however we will do our best to keep the cost minimal. If you have any questions please feel free to send them our way!

What we have thought of so far …

No-bake baking class
(Instructor confirmed)
Bees/Making a bee house Stop bullying
Painting class Hair braiding Crocheting
Christmas centerpiece Wood working (ex. planter boxes) Self-esteem class
Gingerbread house making Sign making Gardening
Wreath making Intro to cosmetology Soap making
Wreath decorating Intro to yoga Bath bomb making
Intro to karate Intro to zumba Candle making
Intro to dance Breakfast class Indoor potato garden
Intro to cheer Parent and tot breakfast class Bicycle maintenance
Intro to gymnastics On Your Own
(for 14 and up)
Healthy lunches Intro to instruments Astronomy
Addictions and staying safe Soups (Instructor confirmed) Cake decorating
Creative writing Scrapbooking Jam making
Science Intro to quilting Egg-stravaganza
  Night of communication
(keep calm & communicate)

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