Request for Proposal 2022-002: Land for Residential Development (Edited)

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The Town of St. George invites respondents to submit a Request for Proposal for the sale and development of lands for the purpose of residential development. Phased construction is acceptable and options for a second apartment complex may be of interest to developer for future development. Construction will need to commence by January 2023 and be completed by August 2024.

This land is currently owned by the Town and located south of 68 Brunswick Street, having PID # 15020845; with an area of up to, plus or minus, 2.55 hectares.

The submission should include an offer to purchase any or all of the said lands from the Town of St. George.

Request for Proposal packages must be dropped off at the St. George Town Hall. 1 School Street, St. George, New Brunswick, E5C 3N2.

Click here to view/download/print the full RFP package.