News Release: Update on Canal Beach Revitalization Project

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ST. GEORGE – Work is progressing on the Canal Beach Revitalization Project at the popular public beach located on Lake Utopia, approximately 5 km north of the Town of St. George.

In addition to a new canteen building with 2 exterior washrooms and outdoor shower, a new parking area will be developed and the installation of several park features will be added. The old canteen building will be repurposed as a storage and maintenance shed.

Canal Beach has been a popular public beach area for over 40 years and operates from June to September. The beach is one of only a few fresh water public beaches in southwestern New Brunswick. The beach and boat ramp area are made possible through a land use partnership between the Town of St. George and JD Irving Ltd.

Click here to read the full news release, including statements by Mayor John Detorakis and the Hon. Andrea Anderson-Mason, MLA for Fundy-The-Isles Saint John West.