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Local Government Reform

This page will be updated with documentation as it is made available by the Province of New Brunswick and the facilitator for our region’s transition.

Please note, the municipal office staff in St. George and Blacks Harbour are not directly involved in the process at this time and have limited additional information. For more details please contact your local Councillor or Local Service District (LSD) Advisory Committee.

Entity 53 will be known as “Eastern Charlotte”

Local Government Reform (General)

Filename / LinkSize
GNB Bill-82.pdf432.51 Kb
GNB Government Type Decision Aide Bilingual (Revised).pdf314.02 Kb
GNB Green Paper.pdf2.37 Mb
GNB What We Heard.pdf343.03 Kb
GNB White Paper.pdf4.68 Mb

Eastern Charlotte (Entity 53)

Filename / LinkSize
Boundaries-FacilitatorEntity_April6_2022_53.pdf4.77 Mb
Boundaries-FinalEntity_March14_2022_53.pdf3.59 Mb
Map-Wards_April11_2022_53.pdf5.58 Mb
Map-Wards_April11_2022_53_recolor.pdf2.19 Mb
WhitePaper-Excerpt.pdf724.66 Kb