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About St. George

The Town of St. George is known as “Granite Town” which pays homage to its once bustling granite industry around the turn of the last century. Today, red granite has been replaced by pink salmon as St. George is now the epicenter of the salmon aquaculture industry in New Brunswick.


As of 2016, the Town of St. George is home to over 1,500 residents in over 650 homes in a land area of 16.1 square km.

Primary employers are aquaculture companies, such as Cooke Aquaculture, MOWI; a lumber mill, Lake Utopia Paper, owned/operated by JD Irving; and several Federal and Provincial departments.

Further information can be acquired from Statistics Canada.

Visitor Information Center

The Tourist Bureau is located at Granite Town Farms at 151 Brunswick Street and is open daily during the summer months from May to September 30.

Surrounding Area

Located to the north of the Town of St. George is the rural “river” communities of CanalBonny River, and Second Falls.

To the east: Upper Letang, Utopia, Pennfield, and the neighbouring municipality, the Village of Blacks Harbour. Continue east along Highway 1 to the city of Saint John (45 minutes).

To the south of the Town, the Mascarene Peninsula with its communities of Back Bay, Mascarene, and L’Etete where you can catch the ferry to Deer Island.

To the west, the rural communities of Bocabec and Digdeguash, and your route to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea. Continue west along Highway 1 to the Town of St. Stephen, also known as “Chocolate Town”.

We are Charlotte County – home to Saints and Harbours!

Distance To / From
City / Town / Village Kilometres Miles
St. Stephen
44 km
27.5 mi
USA/Canada Border (Highway Crossing)
51 km
32 mi
St. Andrews By-the-Sea
34 km
21 mi
Blacks Harbour
17 km
10.5 mi
Saint John
75 km
47 mi
160 km
100 mi
Halifax, Nova Scotia
480 km
300 mi
Bangor, Maine, USA
200 km
125 mi