The Magaguadavic River

Our river is the Magaguadavic!

The Magaguadavic River is the centerpiece of the Town of St. George. Thousands of years ago, its waters formed the picturesque Gorge at the center of our community.

Sometimes referred to as “The Mackadavy” by locals, “Magaguadavic” is a Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Indian word meaning “River of Eels”.

The river waters flow over 70km south from Magaguadavic Lake, through the rural communities of Second Falls and Bonny River, then into a natural canal (at the rural community of Canal) which connects the river to Lake Utopia. At Canal, river waters pass under the 100-year-old Canal Covered Bridge, which survived numerous disasters including the Flood of 2010.

From Lake Utopia, the Magaguadavic River waters (and maybe a Sea Monster too!) flow south, winding through the Town of St. George, through one of the two dams which drain into the Gorge and then flow into the Passamaquoddy Bay and into the Bay of Fundy.

It is said, you can tell a local apart from a visitor by the way one spells our river’s name.

Boat Access

The mighty “Mackadavy” offers enjoyable fishing and boating experiences.

Many boaters put their watercraft in at a boat launch located at the Day Adventure Center (off Riverview Ave) or at other numerous landings on Lake Utopia, including a boat launch near Canal Beach (at the end of Maxwell Road).

The river offers canoers and kayakers with a calm and easy opportunity to explore nature from the water.