Download, print and complete these forms:

Applying for a Grant Donation​

All requests are to be presented in writing to Town Council at least one (1) month prior to attainment of funds.

Grant Applications are open to non-profit organizations only and are not available to businesses or individuals.

To apply for a grant from the Town of St. George, please complete the Application Form Grants to Non-Profit Organizations.

Request for Information (RTIPPA)​

Requests for Information are subject to the Province of New Brunswick’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA).

For information on the Act, making a request and/or exceptions, please visit Province of New Brunswick’s RTIPPA information page.

All request must be made in writing using the Request for Information Form and submitted to:

Town of St. George
1 School Street
St George, NB E5C 3N2

📠 506.755.4329