Mayor and Council

Mayor and Council

Deputy Mayor Faith Avery (Acting Mayor)


Will be involved in encompassing coordination and development of programs for all ages. Will be the facilitator for residents of St. George and surrounding areas who are interested in hosting an event or program in St. George. Interested parties should contact the Town Office.

Will be involved in working with community non-profit groups and the community garden project. May work with organizations such as the Backpack Programs, Home & School/Breakfast Program, and the St. George & Area Food Bank.

Councillor Sterling Harris (Acting Deputy Mayor)


Will monitor and support programs related to public safety and the environment, dealing with crime and fire prevention services,  planning delivery of operational police and fire services. 

Will be involved in all issues related to water and sewer, working closely with the Public Works Foreman. Topics such as water & sewage upgrades, lagoon, water resource development, water systems, etc. May represent the Town of St. George on the Eastern Charlotte Waterways Committee.

Councillor Brenda Allison


Will be involved in all issues related to Tourism working closely with the staff at Town Hall as well as operators of the Visitor Information Center. Topics such as brochure development, visitor signage, trail development, etc. May work with Charlotte Coastal Region Tourism Association and Provincial Department of Tourism.

Councillor Everett Cooke


Will be involved in all issues related to Transportation working closely with the Public Work Foreman. Topics such as Roads, Snow Removal, Parking, Signage, Speed Limits, etc. May work with the Provincial Department of Transportation.

Councillor Jenna Murray


Will help to develop an economic plan for the future of St. George. Will be involved with residents, businesses, community partners and outlying areas, to plan for promoting the growth of St. George.