Community Resources

This page contains links to documents from various groups and organizations working in and around St. George and the Province.

If there is an important resource you feel should be added to this page, please send a message through our Contact page regarding the document and its source.

OrganizationDocument Name or Web Link
Town of St. George* 55A-2020 – Liability and Damage Claims Policy
* Delegation Request Form
* Volunteer Information Form
Province of New Brunswick* Local Governance Reform (general webpage)
* Green Paper (PDF)
* What We Heard (released Sep 2021) (PDF)
* White Paper (released Nov 2021) (PDF)
* Bill # 82 (introduced in Legislature 1 Dec 2021)
RCMP New Brunswick* J Division Policing Model (PDF)
* Daily Occurrence Report (updated daily)
* Occurrence Map (updated weekly)
Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission* 2022 St. George Municipal Plan Background Study – Pre-consultation Draft (PDF)
Eastern Charlotte, Inc.Final Report, April 2021 (PDF)